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Running a business is a team effort and motivated employees are the key to success. As part of their motivation you can add a monthly appreciation program with a free Employee of the month certificate template from Awardbox. This recognition alone can often be sufficient reward to see your worker’s put in a little extra each month in order to receive this acknowledgement.

As a company owner it is easy to lose sight of being a member of a team and how that can make some people feel invisible. With an employee of the month certificate to be presented each month you can make a real occasion of it and highlight an individual’s performance and value to your company. Praise and recognition from your managers is rarely unwanted and can go a long way to boost morale and productivity.

So far a motivation program as described won’t cost you anything but how about linking the certificate to a reward. If budgets are tight or even non existent then you can offer an award such as an extended lunch hour, or a Pizza not just paid for by you but ordered and delivered by you. Employee incentives do not have to be huge to be effective. Being noticed and appreciated are key factors in employee retention and as a business owner or department manager you know investing in staff only to have them go to a competitor is a very expensive business.

Go a step further and create an Employee of the month notice board where your staff can aspire to be seen, of course if it is plastered with certificates for just one employee it may be counter productive and turn them into a billy no mates!

Running an Employee of the Month scheme need not be competitive. Be clear how you are measuring success, if using performance data one month then perhaps swap to softer measurements the following month to pick out someone who rarely is recognised for anything. Almost design your criteria each month to make sure the acknowledgement s get around everyone in some shape or form.

The best way to run an Employee motivation scheme is to think back to your own days as a worker in a big organisation and reflect on the things that most made you want to perform to the best of your ability.