Multiple Certificate Creator

If you are producing a series or batch of certificates such as for a club or award ceremony our new speedy builder is just for you.

Choose a background design, change text and decoration, add it to your list (big blue button) and then keep going. Change text again, background color and decoration if you wish and you have a mini production line for as many as you like.

To access the speedy builder create a Free Account by using the Register button and then login.

Create a certificate (see How to Create a Certificate”)

Click on the ‘Add this certificate to my download list’ button.

Your certificate is now saved to your download list. NOTE: For a single certificate just add it to the list and download with the ‘Download All PDFs’ button.

To create your next certificate just edit your previous one.

Now you can change the certificate based on your previous content or swap to a different color background, change decoration and change the names or all of the text. Note: To change to another background design you will need to start the process again.

Check your certificates

Use the ‘Forward’ and ‘Reverse’ buttons to view your certificates. If you spot a mistake just correct it and click on ‘Add this to my certificate download list’ button to save it. (This will create an additional, corrected certificate in your download.)

How to remove saved certificates from your download list.

Scroll to the certificate you wish to remove and use the ‘Delete from List’ button. Confirm your action to remove it.

Click on ‘Download All PDFs’ to receive you certificates.

Your certificates will be downloaded as individual PDF files and will land in your Downloads folder. Then you can either email them or open them as PDFs and print them.